Why You Should Mix Local SEO Into Your Content Marketing

June 12, 2015 by BizTraffic Team

ipad and keyboard and mouseIf you’re a company that relies on people coming to your place of business, you know that local SEO is a powerful, driving force for physical and digital traffic.

And while actions like claiming your business on Apple Maps and dealing with duplicates on Google and Bing are highly effective, there’s much more you can do maximize your local presence online.

One effective technique you can try is incorporating local SEO into your content.

Simply put, if you’re regularly writing blogs for your business (and I hope you are!) brainstorming geo-specific topics can bring you more benefit from local keywords you’d like to rank for.

So why include local in your content marketing?

So you can take advantage of these perks:

  • Increased Visibility: Local content shows that you’re present in the individual communities of your overall service area.
  • Local Credibility: By answering questions specific to separate cities you demonstrate local knowledge and how your solutions relate to those localities.
  • Better SEOThe more pages with valuable, unique, and local content you create, the more chance you have to rank for local keywords your customers are plugging into search engines.
  • Newsjacking Opportunities: Create content surrounding high profile local news relevant to your industry for easy traffic and maybe even a PR hit! (As long as it’s done tastefully, of course!)

The  best part about this local SEO technique is that if you’re already creating quality blog posts consistently, you don’t actually have to do more work!

And who wants more work, right?

Depending on how often you post, just write one of your regularly scheduled articles about a local topic occasionally instead of a more general, non-location specific idea.

If you’re ready to learn how to inject more local into your content, check out Driving Local Search with Local Content and find out how to choose topics, improve local content, and mix more local SEO into the rest of your website.

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