What Does Inbox by Gmail Mean For Businesses?

November 28, 2014 by BizTraffic Team

Inbox_by_GmailRecently, Google announced its new feature: Inbox by Gmail. This is the new email application that Google is describing as having been created based on what they have learned from Gmail. It is not meant to replace Gmail, but instead provide an alternative for users. 

Currently Inbox is invite only, but in time that will change. So what is Inbox, and why is it important? And does this new feature bode any changes for your online marketing strategy?


Why Inbox Matters

Understanding and utilizing Google's features is imperative to any business attempting to keep up in the digital marketing world. Google's innovation is what pushes businesses to provide better online experience's to their customers. Google focuses on quality for users, so understanding and providing that quality will better enhance any company's marketing strategy. Besides, if you follow Google's rules you are more likely to get the traffic you want to your website. 

The Features


This allows you to group together messages for simpler access. Things like Promos from businesses, purchase confirmations, travel information, and so on. Inbox will allow you to create bundles of emails based on the category that information falls into. This will make it simpler to move through different email groups and focus on the one's your interested in, and will allow you to personalize how you wish to see your emails.


This will condense the information in the email to just the bare minimum of information. That way you can see important information like departure dates on emails pertaining to travel, or links to track a recent shipment along with the expected arrival date. This makes skimming emails simpler, especially without even having to open them. 


This allows you to centralize information right at the top of your inbox. You can set reminders for specific days and times, and pin them in your inbox. This includes things like making reservations or calling a store to check on a product. 


This will add useful information based on the reminder. If you create a reminder with a business' name, it will add the phone number, address, and operating hours to your reminder, centralizing information.  

What Does Inbox Mean for Businesses?

This is a really good question, and one that will have an ever increasing amount of answers as there are more adopters of this new feature. But for now we can definitely see some immediate affects upon businesses.

Marketing Emails:

It will become every increasingly important to focus email content and keep it from being overwhelming. With highlights, it will be important to make it abundantly clear why the email is important and should be opened, because more and more users will not feel the need to open emails that appear to have no relevance to them. 

Local Optimization:

Google My Business will be key to ensure that user's assists are accurate. Business hours, contact information, and addresses will be key to having simple reminders that allow users to interact with your business. So if you haven't, claim or create a local listing, and check that the information is up-to-date and accurate!

Inbox by Gmail is a reminder of the experience Google wishes to provide for it's users. They push to centralize, and produce quality, information specifically for the benefit of their users. And it is up to digital marketers to keep up with the latest from Google to ensure that we are providing that experience that Google values. 

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