Twitter Follower Analytics: How They Shape Strategy

May 04, 2015 by BizTraffic Team

twitter follower analyticsYou log on to Twitter, type out a tweet, and click send. Your message has been sent out to the world, and over the next few hours you get a retweet, some favorites, and even a reply--which are all tracked in Twitter analytics.

But we often get caught up in engagement with tweets when what we really want is engagement with followers. So how do you custom tailor tweets to the type of followers you’d like to guide down your sales funnel?

By following these tips for mixing your interpretations of follower data into your strategy of course!

Interests: What Content They Want

Create your tweeting schedule around the types of interests that your followers have (or the interests of the followers you’d like to have.) The top 10 interests of your followers will give you a place to start.

twitter followers top interests

Another nugget of data that’s spoon fed to us is the “most unique interests” of our followers. When looking for content to post, or even creating your own blogs, focusing on these interests can help differentiate your Twitter presence based on what differentiates your followers from the rest of the Twitterverse.

twitter follower unique interests

Everybody likes consuming content that not only appeals to their interests, but identifies with them through those interests.

Region: Where They Want Content

Yes, we know that the internet is a figurative place that everyone can visit at anytime from any point on Earth. But Twitter gives you a handy breakdown of those particular spots on the globe that your followers hail from, as evidenced in our own Twitter location breakdown:

twitter follower locations

Knowing follower locations can give you some clues about what times to post. For example, if we wanted to work on engaging more of our followers on the West Coast, we’d make sure to tweet during optimal times in Pacific Time.

More obviously, location data gives you a look at the regions where your current strategy has resonated and might hint at where your company’s offerings would be well-received.

Competition: Who Else Your Followers Consume Content From

In everyone’s Twitter follower analytics, you’ll see a list like this one:

twitter followers also follow

So now we know who else our followers also like to receive social media content from. This is a particularly useful metric for several reasons:

  • You can go to these profiles and follow people who don’t already follow you.

  • Looking at their tweets and profiles will inspire some ideas to incorporate into your own strategy.

  • Recognizing the commonalities between these people and/or brands can give you some qualitative insight into who (or what) your followers identify with.

When examined with a strategic eye, this analytic can help shape the type of Tweets you send out and who you follow within your industry.

Taking the follower analytics section of Twitter into account along with the metrics of your individual tweets will open the door to a more focused big picture strategy for your social media.

As you continue to send tweets in line with what your followers want, check back in on these analytics occasionally to see if your followers’ interests, region, or who they follow has changed. That way your approach to Twitter will stay always stay fresh and relevant.

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