Productivity Hack: Using Macro Recording in Google Sheets

May 22, 2018 by BizTraffic Team

If you're anything like us, you've been looking forward to our robot overlords finally taking over some of the more mundane tasks that we end up doing over and over again. Case in point: making frequent, multi-step changes in spreadsheets is a pain, particularly when you end up needing to make the same edits to several sheets.

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Productivity Hack: Using Google Docs Offline

May 18, 2018 by BizTraffic Team

One great blessing (and occasional curse) of most jobs today is that work can be done remotely. Cloud services like Google Docs and Sheets and Dropbox have enabled increased productivity and the ability to access your files anywhere, anytime. Well, almost anytime: you still need internet access.

Google has recently rolled out an addition to Google Docs to allow offline access. Yep, you read that right: offline access! This means that you can keep working on that pesky TPS report after your plane has taken off or when your subway train goes underground. Pretty cool, right?

To turn on the new offline mode feature, you just need to follow a few simple steps:

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Workplace by Facebook: A Pleasant Paradox

October 18, 2016 by BizTraffic Team

Facebook is trying to build a reputation, folks. It’s looking to undercut its current status as a huge productivity drain, and it’s flipping the script. This month Facebook will reveal its new service - Workplace by Facebook. This product, which is Facebook’s answer to Slack, Microsoft’s Yammer and Google’s Hangouts, was created to help companies boost communication and productivity.

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Increase Your Productivity with Google Docs

July 14, 2014 by BizTraffic Team

Finding new ways to simplify the every day office work that needs to be done is a constant processes for companies. Whether your an old or a new company, there is always room for improvement and for new ways to better increase productivity in the office.

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