The Power of Trust in Digital Marketing

December 19, 2014 by BizTraffic Team

One of the biggest factors in digital marketing is trust. If a user does not trust your site your bounce rates will increase and the potential client will not convert on your site. This ultimately affects your PPC conversion rate, as well as your SEO rankings. In this post I will provide you with the top Trust Seals in the industry and will give you insight on why SSL Certificates are so important. 

First off lets take a look at the top Trust Seals in the industry. In the Image below you will see names like McAfee Secure, TRUSTe and the BBB:

Trust seals

These are the Trust Seals that thousands of companies use on their websites. Now you're probably asking yourself “Why should I spend my money on the Seals”? The answer is simple though, it is proven that Site Trust is a factor in the Google Algorithm for SEO rankings and PPC Ad Rank. According to MonitizedPros case study shopping carts usually have a dropoff rate of about 55%-75%, of those consumer surveyed 17% of them mentioned payment security and 61% said the site was missing a Trust Seal. In ConversionIq’s case study they tested sites with Trust Seals and Live Chat and found that their on average their Conversion Rates increase by 10% to 20%. The fact is the numbers don’t lie and the chance to increase your sales or Lead Generation is well worth the risk.

Now when deciding what seals to buy we need to take a look at what the potential clients are looking for:

Heat map of  trust seals

The Heat map indicates clients in red that most people on your site are looking for Verifed Secure, Comodo Secured, VeriSign, Mcafee Secure, Paypal is a must if you're running ecommerce, BBB or the TRUSTe Seal. This article has shown that the benefits highly outweigh the risk, but what Trust Seals are your competitors using.

MonetizePros offers a graph out of their study that you can take a look at below.

Trust seals ranked by most trusted

These are the top seals in the industry that you absolutely need to improve your Rank and Conversions. Google even rewards e-comm sites for having their SSL Certificates and badges with this cool seal that shows up next to their ads and organic links.

Google trusted store badge

So in the mix of things don’t leave your potential clients asking:

Mother Can I trust Google?

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