The Extra Edge: 3 Digital Marketing Tips To Help You Win

June 19, 2015 by BizTraffic Team

auto racingThe extra edge is what makes an athlete win by a tenth of a second.

It’s what made Nick Fradiani become the 14th American Idol this year instead of coming in second.

And it’s what can make your business win the day over your competitors and grow into a stunning success.

The extra edge is that small, overlooked advantage that no one else has. One way you can gain the edge this week is by sharpening up your digital marketing strategy, which is why I’m giving you these three quick tips to help you get ahead.

Try them out, and let me know which ones helped you cut through the clutter!

1.  Figure Out Your Buyer Persona

Buyer personas are your semi-fictional, semi-real portraits of the types of customers you serve based on market research and real data from your clients.

Get to know your business’ new best friend by answering questions like:

  • What prompts your ideal customer to start seeking a solution?
  • What problems do they hope your solution will solve?
  • After they’ve decided they need a solution, how do they decide between you and a competitor?

Want to learn more?

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2. Reply to Positive Online Reviews

We’ve all heard that drafting a quick, strategic response to negative reviews is critical for managing your online reputation.

But acknowledging positive reviews rewards the reviewer, encourages other past customers to leave a good review, and cements the credibility of your company into the mind of anyone who reads the reviews.

When responding make sure to:

  • Thank the reviewer sincerely.
  • Add value to the conversation with what you say.
  • Adhere to any community standards of the review site or social network.

Get the specifics of How and When to Respond to Positive Online Reviews to increase brand loyalty!

3. Create An Effective Marketing Email

Email marketing has a low price tag and a high conversion rate, making it an excellent tool to give you that edge. You can make the emails you send to prospects and existing customers stand out in their inbox by:

Find out all you need to know about How To Become Your Lead’s Most Anticipated Email and make your recipients look forward to your messages!

I hope you find these tips valuable!

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