Repurposing Content: How to Make What's Old New Again

June 29, 2015 by BizTraffic Team

Recycling contentRepurposing content is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your content strategy. It provides a way to boost your SEO, reach a new audience, reinforce your message, and of course, save time by making your content work in more ways.

You can go in almost any direction when it comes to reincarnating your content, but these methods will translate easiest. And we like easy!

1. Webinars into Video Tutorials

If you’ve ever held a webinar, you probably put a lot of hard work into the content that you shared, but even if you had a ton of attendees, not everyone could possibly make it. Keep that content working for you long after you signed off by recording the session. That way you can post it on Youtube publicly, or even better, opt to only let people with the link view, and offer it in exchange for email addresses, embed it in a message as part of your lead nurturing, or send it in a follow up email after the webinar.

You’ll get much more ROI for the same exact content put into a different format.

2. Slideshow into Infographics

If you’ve ever made a slideshow that has been resting in your hard drive since your presentation but was just jam-packed with great information, this could be the answer you’ve been looking for. A lot of information can be reused to make infographics, which are appealing to many consumers because they look so interesting and are easy to read. Free visual content tools like Canva can make throwing one together yourself a breeze, or you can always put the task in the hands of a trusted graphic designer.

If you get enough infographics about the same content, consider creating a Pinterest account for your business with a separate board for each topic to promote your retooled content even more.

3. Infographics into Videographics

If you have any cool infographics about the same topic, consider making them into a cool YouTube video. While this option is still a little more expensive, it’s an investment that could be well worth it with the ever-increasing popularity of online video.

4. Old Blog Posts into… Everything!

Blog posts are good for a lot. You can turn them into a lot of things, like:

  • Ebooks - Say you’ve blogged about the same topic a couple of time and it was all valuable information. A smart way to condense your content into one place is to repurpose your information into a downloadable guide.

  • Podcasts - People always love a good listen. If you’ve got some juicy content, turn it into a downloadable podcast so that people can just tune in!

  • Newsletters - Promote your old blog posts in weekly tips newsletters. This will drive new traffic to your old blog posts that may have been forgotten.

  • Infographics - If you’ve got some interesting statistics or shocking quotes, turn them into an infographic. They’re easy to read and appealing to the eye; try it out!

  • Videos - If you’ve got a few blog posts about the same topic, you can turn the content into a series of YouTube videos.

No matter which way you go about repurposing your content, it’s going to be beneficial for your business. Doing more with less is an entrepreneurial axiom, and applying that principle in this case will make your content stretch farther, reach more prospects, and entice more leads to convert. Your information is valuable, so reuse it!

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