Pop-Up Ads: How to Maximize the Good and Minimize the Bad

February 27, 2015 by BizTraffic Team

Annoying Pop-Up Ad

Last week I wrote about user experience and how it’s the central focus of quality online marketing. While plenty of different mistakes can ruin your website’s look, feel and ease of use, one notorious offender tops the list:

Pop-Up Ads

Luckily, you can do a few things to reap benefits from this tool and keep users happy at the same time.

Keep Your Conversions AND Good User Experience

Imagine clicking into a website that piqued your interest with a catchy title and meta description and immediately getting accosted with an offer to join your email list or try a product.

It’s happened to us all, and while there's nothing wrong with the offer, be patient and let us look around first! As a result, many people get annoyed and bounce away, sometimes never to return. (And remember, Google takes user experience very seriously when ranking search results.)

As bad as this sounds, marketers still use pop-ups because they do increase conversions-but oftentimes this is only because a user wants to read an article or view a certain page, not because they’re actually interested in the offer. You can increase the chance of getting real, valuable conversions in a few ways:

  • Set the pop-up on a timer - let customers finish their research

  • Set the pop-up on the contact page - you already know they’re interested if they’re here

  • Set the pop-up to appear when a user is exiting your site - it’s your last chance to capture their information

But if it’s high conversions you’re after, you don’t really even need pop-ups at all. Learn about effective alternatives that fully preserve user experience while bringing in conversions by checking out Pop-Up Ads: Why Aren’t They Dead?

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