Make Your Marketing Emails Stand Out this Holiday Season

October 15, 2014 by BizTraffic Team

Delete ButtonWith the hundreds and sometimes thousands of emails your customers will receive in the next few months, it’s likely your marketing emails will get deleted before they’re even opened.

In fact, the average retailer will send out 22 promotional emails in the month of November alone. How will you make sure your email marketing campaign works this holiday season?

Here are a few tips to help get your business’s emails noticed:

Add a Little Something to Your “From” Line.

Change it up this season and add a symbol or holiday phrase. You might not want to annoy your customers by doing this all the time, but during the holidays, this can make your email stand out.

For example, instead of sending your email from John Doe, make it Santa John. Add relevant symbols like arrows or dollar signs to draw attention to your big sale.

Be Timely.

Do your research to figure out the best time and day to send your emails. When would your customers most likely be checking email, and when will they have gone through their inboxes a few times to weed out the spam? That’s when you want your email to hit.

Research shows weekends are generally great days for open rates, but check the statistics for your industry.


Don’t send out the same email to every customer. Gather what you know about your customers’ buying habits and then tailor your message to different types of customers. Segment your customer lists, then customize your emails so they are more personal and speak to specific needs and desires.


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