How To Become Your Lead's Most Anticipated Email

February 02, 2015 by BizTraffic Team

Customer anticipating marketing emailsDo you have that one email you look forward to receiving from a company? Whether it be an RSS feed of blogs with topics that arrest your interest, or marketing emails updating you on the latest deal to your favorite store, emails can be a powerful tool when done correctly.

So think about it. Is there one sender whose emails you always open with the anticipation of greatness? What is it about the content in that email that grabs your attention?

Here are some things to think about when crafting the perfect email for your new marketing campaign!

1. Send the Right Email

If you are sending blind emails and don't even know who your sending them to or why they even ended up on your email list in the first place, you have a major problem. Without the proper understanding of what each individual is interested in, you cannot send them an email that is really going to get them excited, because you don't even know what would make them excited in the first place. 

When capturing emails, make sure that you are asking for information that will help you segment your email list. Using a system like HubSpot or Aweber for email segmentation can help you manage your leads, see what their looking at on your website, and ultimately what made them give you their email in the first place. Then it is up to you to provide content that is really going to speak to them specifically.

2. Get the Style Right

Now that you know what kind of email to send, you need to know just how to frame the content in the email to really encourage the kind of excitement you want. Half of this is getting your email subject lines right. But the other half is making sure you live up to the expectation within that subject line and deliver something great inside your email.

If you use the word "secret" the feel of the email should be one of exclusivity. If you promise a great sale, you need to deliver a great sale, one that speaks to your segmented audience. If your offering a powerful sale, then you probably don't need many words. Instead, include a powerful, bold image that will grab the attention of your viewer and lead them to click on your site from there. 

3. Be Consistently Great

Part of the problem with emails is that one week a company delivers greatness, and the next it falls flat. Instead of merely focusing on the quanitity of emails, it is very important to also focus on the quality of the emails because this will overall improve your email results.

If your email offerings are truly exclusive, your email list will catch on to that fact, and be waiting and watching just for your email. But if you continuously offer the same, tired content you can expect a large number of unsubscribers and unopened emails.

And don't forget that a "me" focus is definitely not going to get you where you want to be. If you don't offer something of value in your emails, you can forget it. Consumers are barraged by blatant sales messages everywhere they go, and ignoring these messages is becoming easier and easier for them. If you really want to grab their attention you must provide something that will speak to their own needs and desires, and forget about yourself. And remember, your leads will remember you if your emails are great. Not if your emails are like everyone elses. 

Email can be a powerful tool that literally delivers your marketing directly to your target audience. Don't neglect it, and instead work to become that email that your list can't wait to receive. 

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