Facebook for Business: The Beacon Program

June 18, 2015 by BizTraffic Team

If you are the owner of an extremely active Facebook business page, you may have recently received an email that looked something like this:


And if you haven't received your email yet, you can expect it in the future as Facebook rolls out this new feature to all business pages. 

What is the Facebook Beacon Program?

The Facebook Beacons are devices that businesses receive from Facebook to drive traffic to a company's Facebook page. These beacons send a signal to the Facebook app on users’ phones when they’re close by to help Facebook show the right place tips.

What Does The Beacon Do?

When someone is in close proximity of your business and they have the Facebook app, they will get notifications relevant to your company and see information about your business on their news feed.

For example, they could come across things like:

  • A welcome note from your page.

  • Prompts to like your page or check-in.

  • Posts from your page.

  • Their friends’ photos or memories at your place.

How Can Your Business Benefit?

This new program has many benefits for your local business, including: 

  • Wider user reach by delivering potentially relevant Facebook ads to users’ news feeds whenever they’re close by your business.

  • A higher chance of users receiving notifications about your page. Facebook users usually have their push notifications turned on, giving them alerts directly to their phone.

  • Gaining foot traffic through your local business by pushing offers through Facebook.
  • The notifications that come up will include Facebook users that the individual receiving notification engages with, making it more likely that they will open and read what pops up.

This new Facebook feature is another great tool to make the most of social media for your local business. It appears to be an attempt by Facebook to help businesses reach a more targeted audience despite its supression of business updates by its newsfeed algorithm. 

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