The Growing Effectiveness of Mobile Marketing for the Holidays

December 03, 2014 by BizTraffic Team

Man and woman using mobile marketingIf you think I’m a bit obsessed with mobile marketing, you’re right. As we’ve told you before, mobile marketing is consistently one of the five most effective marketing tactics used on Black Friday.

But that’s not the only day you should put mobile marketing to use. A recent survey from Neustar shows 80 percent of local searches on mobile devices convert into purchases.

Need more convincing? A  CFI Group study sponsored by eBay projects mobile use will be higher than ever before during this year's holiday shopping season, but warns that retailers are not prepared to meet customers' mobile needs.

Here’s more from the CFI Group study to help develop your mobile marketing strategy:
  • 60 percent of shoppers plan to have their holiday shopping done by mid-December.

  • 48 percent of shoppers ages 18 to 34 (a key mobile user group) plan on spending more this year than last year.

  • 30 percent of women plan to spend more on holiday gifts this year.

  • 40 percent of shoppers ages 25 to 34 are influenced by coupons for purchases.

  • 36 percent of women are influenced by coupons for purchases, compared to only 22 percent of men.

  • 51 percent of shoppers plan to spend at least 40 percent of their holiday budget online.

  • 55 percent of online shoppers have abandoned online shopping carts because of high shipping costs.

  • 71 percent of shoppers say they use their smartphones for product research, but most cite security concerns as the reason they don’t end up purchasing on their phones.

Test your mobile marketing efforts this season by offering shoppers mobile coupons for discounts or free shipping and see if you can boost your holiday profits. Then, continue your mobile marketing efforts into the new year, and watch your sales grow!


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