Driving Local Search with Local Content

April 08, 2015 by BizTraffic Team

The basics of local optimization include such essentials as:

Focusing Local Content for Local Search But on top of all that, businesses should also be using tailored content to optimize their websites for local searches.  Local content helps to engage website visitors and is a key factor in turning local traffic into local leads.

Choosing A Topic

Before you can write local content, you need to find topics that are relevant to your target area.  

One of the best way to figure out what potential consumers in the area are talking about is through local forum discussions.  Pay attention to industry-related conversations in neighborhood forums. You can address those concerns with content that has a broad reach but also takes advantage of local keywords. Doing so will remind local shoppers that their interests are on your mind.  

Local news is an extension of this, and works to highlight the biggest issues affecting your target area.

Social and search trends are another great way to discover what specific regions are interested in. Twitter’s trend tool can be customized to show popular topics for specific regions. Google trends offers a visual representation of where people searching for your keywords are from. It also displays top and rising searches related to your keyword.

Local Content Topic Examples

Being able to think like a consumer is an important part of content marketing, and many consumers will have questions about your brand.  Here are some ideas that may work for you:
  • Local laws and ordinances - If purchasing your product or service requires any type of official approval, you will want to write about this.
  • “Best of” posts related to your industry - This would be like a business that sells bikes comparing the best trails for cyclists in the region, or a real-estate agent rating the best school districts for a county.
  • Use Local Events - Whether you’re sponsoring an event, speaking at one, or just attending, this can be a great way to drive new traffic to your website.
  • Local News & Your Industry - Talk about how something in the local news might relate to or affect your industry. This could potentially turn into PR due to the fact that local news stations are always looking for unique angles.
  • Create Location Pages - If your company has a physical location or locations, providing a dedicated page with information about the area as it relates to your industry can be very useful for potential consumers.

Measure, Modify, and Repeat

After implementing these practices, do you see your business gaining more website traffic from the targeted areas?  Are referrals from local-focused keywords rising over time?  Google Analytics will help you measure this.  Expand on the topics for areas that do well and pick new ones for those that do not.

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