The Do's and Don'ts of Creating Infographics

June 22, 2015 by BizTraffic Team

Content marketer creating infographicsEveryone loves a good infographic. These highly visual graphics that blend the right mix of fun with information can be very addictive. 

And visual content is huge. Using images, graphics and visualizations will draw your audience into your content in a way words never can. 

There are a couple of mistakes that amateurs often make when creating infographics. Infographics are time consuming, so use these does and don'ts to make sure that your not wasting your time on an infographic that is going to be a flop. 

1. Do Not Be Promotional

We've all been there. Started reading something that baited us with an interesting title, only to realize after a few sentences that it was just a blatant advertisement. No one wants to read that. Keep your company out of your infographic. 

The only places we should see to your business is a logo at the bottom, and possibly some links to resources on your website you utilized. Don't think that is enough branding? Use your brands color scheme throughout the infographic. 

2. Do Not Include Irrelevant Information

It may be tempting to create a resource of data and statistics on a specific topic, but all of that information is simply overwhelming and unnecessary. Your infographic should tell a story, not be a massive information dump. Simply select a few, quality pieces of information that work together cohesively. Don't overdue it. 

3. Do Not Use Blocks of Text

That is not an infographic. Even your blog posts shouldn't be huge blocks of text. Keep it simple and concise. 

And if your blog posts are huge blocks of text, you have a problem.

4. Do Not Forget Who You're Talking To

In all of the excitement to create a viral infographic, you have totally forgotten who your target audience actually is. This means that all your normal blog readers and social media followers won't have a clue what to do with the infographic you create.

Before falling into that trap, review your buyer persona template, and make sure your sticking with a topic that will actually speak to them. 

Now, know what you should be doing:

1. Do Have Something Unique to Say

Something preferably original, unusual, and maybe even exciting. Take an unusual stance on a topic in your industry, or create a great analogy to help understand an unusual topic. However you choose to spin it, your infographic should have a narrative or story that draws the viewer in. 

2. Do Have Reputable Resources (and Cite Them)

If you're not using your own, original research, it is super important to use reputable resources and be sure to cite them at the bottom of the infographic. You never want to plagiarize!

3. Do Write an Awesome Title

Don't kill an awesome infographic with a horrendously long and unnecessary title. Choose something simple, to the point, interesting, and direct. 

4. Do Have Good Design

While font rules and color schemes may not be your forte, they are important to creating a cohesive and beautiful infographic. If you're not sure where to start, do some digging about how to use colors and the best font combinations to make sure your awesome infographic isn't ruined by poor design. 

Before creating your infographic, save some of your favorites, regardless of topic, and study them to determine what makes them successful. This can inspire you with ways to make your own infographic fun, interesting, and useful for your audience. 

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