The Case for Content Marketing in Your Business

December 15, 2014 by BizTraffic Team

structure-620304_1280Let's be honest: small business owners and marketing executives have to guard their time on the job carefully to make sure the most important tasks of the day get done. While content creation doesn't seem like it would make that list, it should.

So if you're trying to convince your boss or yourself of the value of content marketing for your business, some of the reasons below should convince you (or your senior executives) to invest time and money in this new style of marketing.

Content is Cost Effective

Content marketing costs 62 percent less than traditional marketing tactics. That's because anything you create can get posted to your blog and blasted out to your social media following in a matter of minutes-all for free! Compare that with the cost of traditional outbound marketing campaigns, which can quickly rack up thousands of dollars in your budget.

The best part of it all is that these more expensive channels aren't even as effective: 86 percent of people skip TV commercials and 44 percent ignore direct mail. 

Content is Flexible

Old school marketing tactics have a hard time adapting to last minute changes once they are set in motion, and it takes time to see feedback. Conversely, part of the value in content marketing lies in it's ability for the author to update it at a moments notice. All it takes is looking at your metrics for blogs and social media and doing more of what readers like or changing existing content to better resonate with your target audiences. And it's way faster than waiting around to see if your print ad will bring in any leads.

Content Generates Millennial Trust

Skepticism for traditional ads is common, especially among Generation Y (who are expected to have purchasing power to the tune of $170 billion a year.) But the good news is that they do like naturally placed, helpful content, at least according to the numbers: 94 percent of Millenials use at least one outside source to make a brand purchase decision. So it's fair to say that getting your slice of the spending depends on creating strategically placed and easily shareable content. 

Whether you're a small business owner looking to save money or a marketing executive trying to attract a new generation of consumers, these are just a few reasons content marketing could be worth your time and talent. By creating material that your target audience wants to see, you're sure to get better business in return.

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