More Changes for Pinterest

June 18, 2014 by BizTraffic Team

PinPinterest has been making a lot of noise lately--in a good way.

Last month we told you about an improved search option in Pinterest that helps users find what interests them faster and Promoted Pins which allow advertisers to show pins in a user’s newsfeed.

This month, Pinterest announced an enhanced and quicker version of its places search tool. The location-based tool suggests places near where people are searching, and provides ranked results based on geography, population and data quality.

How can this help your small business?

  • Make sure your Pinterest page has your business address, so your location will pop up when consumers are shopping nearby.
  • Pinterest designed its search to be more “natural”. Even if consumers don’t know the exact name of a place they’re searching for, businesses with key-worded descriptions will pop up.
  • Don’t just pin a place pin for your business location. Instead, create boards that will interest your target market. If you sell organic produce, create a board featuring where to find other organic products. If you are a landscaping design company, make a place board for what plants and flowers grow well in different regions of the state or country.
  • Consider pinning your clients as a marketing tool. That way potential clients can see how far and to what extent your customer base reaches.
  • If you run a virtual company, create a Places Board showcasing your employees in their hometowns. Have them photograph themselves in front of a historical or famous landmark and tell your clients something interesting about the people they work with.

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