7 Types of Social Media Posts to Mix Up Your Strategy

September 14, 2015 by BizTraffic Team

Social media posts for every channelWhen keeping up with your business’s social media pages, it can often seem like your posts start blurring together and seem extremely similar. While we all talk about creating social media schedules and calendars, the beauty of social media to its users are that it is spontaneous, fun, and, overall, interesting.

But how do we work that into a business’s social media strategy? How do you create and schedule posts that convey the spontaneity, fun, and spark your fans interests?

Here’s a few ideas for social media posts that will mix it up, and keep your accounts fresh and entertaining.

1. The Latest Offer


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All businesses should have something to offer. Whether you’re offering a code for free shipping, giving your followers a heads up about a flash sale, or letting your audience know about your latest downloadable offer, followers on any social channel eat up those tidbits of added value.

Letting your social following know the latest your business has to offer makes following your Facebook or Twitter page all the more valuable.

2. The Real Life Photo

Going to an industry event in your city, or just having a fun company picnic? Posting pictures of what is going on in the life of your company gives your followers a taste of a day in the life of your company, and makes your accounts feel more personal and real.

Be creative with this one and highlight what is unique and possibly even quirky about your workplace! In our case, we responded with a relevant photo to a conversation we were having with some of our social media friends!

3. The Inspirational Quote


Set your goals high! #mondaymotivation #quote #motivation #happymonday #goals

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A picture is worth a thousand words...so how much is a pictures with words on it worth? Apparently a great deal.

Everyone loves a good quote or piece of inspirational advice. Mesh this love with that of a beautiful, quality image and you have a simple, but compelling social post.

Not a graphic designer? Don’t worry. Design tools like Snappa make becoming a graphic designer quick and simple. Find a beautiful, free stock image and a quote you think will speak to your audience, and put them together for an inspirational pairing.

4. The Fun Fact


Almost every industry has a unique set of fun facts and intriguing statistics. Let this information and pieces of trivia spark conversations and provide insights into your areas of expertise. Your followers will gobble up the obscure and unknown tiny bites of information you feed them.

This is an especially great strategy for a Twitter post that begs for retweets.

5. The Chuckle Inducer

Have a great weekend! #SEO

Posted by Biztraffic, LLC - Online Marketing Company on Saturday, July 11, 2015

Humor goes a long way, and begs for shares and likes in a way that other posts may not. Finding the perfect funny joke can be a great tool for keeping your social channel entertaining and fun.

6. The Cute Factor


Cute animals and babies are a tried and true win for the internet world. Of course this one doesn’t always work for every industry, but trying to find a way to relate an adorable animal to your company may pay off with some great engagement.

7. The News Flash



Social media is all about staying up to date. Keep your content current and fresh by letting your social audience know the latest news as soon as you yourself find out! This is a great way to start conversations and provide value.

Also, be sure to check trending hashtags and news on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. This can inspire you to join a conversation and engage with others.

Keeping your social media account interesting can be a struggle. Don’t fall into a slump, instead mix in these fun social media posts with your usual blog posts and educational articles to keep things fun and engaging.

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