7 Effective Ways to Use Periscope for Business

August 31, 2015 by BizTraffic Team

Use Periscope for BusinessThe number of new social tools that crop up every day is astounding, and there’s no way your business can take advantage of all of them. But the ones that can offer something truly unique and valuable to your customers and your company deserve a second look, and Periscope falls into that category.

The smartphone app is owned by Twitter and allows anyone to live stream video for free.  It’s easy to see the opportunities for real time communication with customers and leads that could boost your digital marketing.

Let’s elaborate on some of those opportunities this app offers and how you can use Periscope for business marketing. 

1. Product Demonstrations

Showing people how your product works is a popular video marketing tactic, and for good reason: it shows people not only how your product works, but how well it works and how easy it is to use.

The best part about using Periscope to showcase what you sell is because it’s live. In an edited video, defects or mistakes are easily edited out. Live streaming demonstrates transparency, building trust in your company and product.

2. Tours

People love getting the inside scoop on anything, and one way to build this feeling of exclusivity is through tours of your work area or production facility. You can show a day in the life of your office with people delivering the service you sell, or do a walk-and-talk of the factory where your product is made. It’s another way customers and leads can feel connected to your company and what you do.

3. How-To’s

If inbound marketing has taught us anything, it’s that people love helpful, educational content. You can quench that thirst for knowledge by streaming a how-to lesson either on your product itself or for a procedure in your industry that would show your expertise and provide value to your prospects. Because you can get instant feedback, you can even respond to questions in real time and further build your credibility.

4. Speaking Engagements

Is one of your executives or the owner of your business speaking at a conference or a networking meeting? Stream it! People who can’t attend can still soak up the words of wisdom dished out on behalf of your company, helping you expand your audience beyond who’s just in the room.

5. Live Q&A

This one takes some guts, but hosting a question and answer session with your CEO or other top executive shows that your company is accessible, transparent, and is interested in what customers and prospects have to say. As long as you have a moderator to handle the order of questions (and a PR person to handle the answers to any tougher queries) this use of Periscope should bolster your business’ reputation.

6. Events

If you’re hosting an event anyways, showing it to the rest of the world by streaming it live will give you more mileage for your efforts. Show presentations from speakers, a question and answer session from an expert, or anything else going on that viewers would find valuable.

7. Announcements

There’s no better way to incentivize viewers to start watching you on Periscope and make them feel like members of an insider’s club than by making a special announcement to them first. It’s also an effective way to grow your followers and encourage users to look out for your updates.

Adapting to new technology along with the people that use it keeps your company looking up-to-date and savvy. Including Periscope into your marketing mix does that and more by creating a feeling of insider exclusivity and offering company transparency that isn’t easily communicated on any other platform. In short, live streaming is here, and it’s time for your marketing team to press play.