5 Tips to Cut Down On Shopping Cart Abandonment

November 19, 2014 by BizTraffic Team

online shopping cartWhat’s your online shopping cart abandonment rate? If you had to make a guesstimate, what do you think online cart abandonments cost your business in lost revenues?

To keep on top of your number, your Google Analytics account can help. Not only does it track the steps visitors take on your website, but you can also track the conversion rate between “just visiting” and those taking steps to make a purchase. Go further and find out which visitors actually put items in their cart and then leave your site without purchasing.

Unfortunately, statistics show 68 percent of shoppers on ecommerce sites will abandon their shopping carts. But why? According to Rackspace, one of the top three reasons customers abandon their carts is the website being too complicated and checkout taking too long.

Here are five ways you can streamline your online checkout process and close the sale:

1. Cut Down On Friction.

Customers shouldn't have to jump through a million hoops to complete an order. The more pages you make your customer go to—and get through—before the checkout process is complete, the more chances you give them to bail out. Cut down on this extra friction, by keeping your checkout process as short as possible. 

2. Make Shipping Charges Clear.

Don't leave your customers wondering how much they owe in shipping (if any). Make it clear from the very beginning. If the items being ordered are close to your free shipping price level, make sure you tell your customer before a large shipping charge shocks them, causing them to abandon their shopping carts.

3. Allow Payment Information to Be Saved.

Make sure you give customers the option of saving their payment information. The next time, they won’t have to go through entering all the numbers again. Better yet, offer PayPal so they don’t have to give you their information at all.

4. Give Customers Options.

Give customers the option of registering on your site or checking out as a guest. Some customers just want to try your product or service without being inundated with emails from you in the future.

5. Have Simple Shopping Cart Design.

Make sure your shopping cart design is simple and easy to understand. Again, don't make things more confusing then they need to be!

Having a strong focus on user experience means ensuring that the shopping cart process on your website is simple, clear, and user friendly. Using these tips can decrease your shopping cart abandonment, and increase overall sales. 


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