5 Social Media Contests for Your Business

September 21, 2015 by BizTraffic Team

children-593313_1280The day-to-day schedule of duties that go along with promoting your company can sometimes blend into a monotonous rhythm: blog post, social post, email...blog post, social post, email...with maybe an offer thrown in there somewhere.

Break a new beat into this same old song and dance by running social media contests. All of these six ideas are magnets for engagement, followers, and even email addresses for your lead nurturing campaign--you just need to give them a shot.

1. Photo caption

For this type of contest, choose a photo to post that’s funny, unique, and preferably has something to do with your business.

Set a time when you will choose the best caption, or state that the winning caption will be the one with the most number of likes or retweets. Once the deadline for entries comes, post again and tag the winner. Give away some swag, a gift card, or product as a prize!

2. Take a Poll

This is an effective way to generate buzz about a new product line or give people ideas for the application of your products. For example, a boutique clothing store could post a graphic with three type of sweaters and ask followers which one is their favorite. A coffee shop could give a few choices for a possible seasonal drink and ask for votes on which one fans want most.

To get more value out of this idea, use a social media contest app that asks participants to enter their email addresses to submit their vote. Mention in the contest post that anyone who votes will have a coupon code emailed to them as a prize. It’ll convince people to hand over their addresses and of course, grow your list.

3. Quickest Response

Ask a trivia question about your brand or the types of products you sell. The only rule is that the person who answers with the correct answer first wins. You can run flash contests like this here and there, especially on Twitter where the pace of the feed is breakneck fast. Users will start following you just so they can be the first to know when these contests pop up, especially if you offer a nice prize in return!

4. Video Contest

Because video contests are a little more involved, the barrier to entry is higher. Lower it some and encourage people to join in by giving away a prize like tickets to a pro sports game or a popular gift card in addition to some company swag.

Provide a theme to go off like asking people to show off their talents, the cute things their pets do, or to answer a question in video format. Encourage followers to like and favorite the best entries for even more engagement.

5. Hashtag Contest

Every contest held on Twitter needs its own unique hashtag. But you can make any contest on this social platform easy for people to enter and for you to set up by asking them to either retweet a link to a landing page on your site or simply include the hashtag in their tweets as many times as they’d like within a certain period. This is a helpful contest for a brand looking to jumpstart a social media presence; just choose the winner at random and watch your reach, followers, and engagement grow.

Running a contest on your page shows off the personality of your brand and spreads your message far and wide across whichever social platform you choose. People who you never would have reached otherwise will be introduced to your company at little cost, and the possibility that their friends and followers will learn about you also increases. The best part is that you can run different contests over and over (but really, no more than once a month) and build awareness, followers, interaction, website traffic, and email subscriptions in a just few days as opposed to a few months.

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