4 Web Design Mistakes We Hate

June 01, 2015 by BizTraffic Team

Bad Website Design

It’s easy to look at the websites that were created in the early days of the internet and laugh, cry, or even stare in shock at the design.


1990 Yahoo Bad Design


But even today, bad web design still lurks behind the corner or every Google SERP page, just waiting to frustrate, confuse, and scare away users.

And sure, everyone makes web design mistakes sometimes. But by avoiding these red flag design elements, your users will become so delighted with their experience that they just might stick around long enough to convert into customers.


White space is important. If you forget everything else, remember this.

Creativity is a positive, powerful force, but when it leads designers to cram as many elements as humanly possible onto one page...it turns to the dark side. A cluttered page pulls a user in multiple directions and leaves them confused about the point of page, frustrated at not finding what they want, and drives them away without converting because there’s not a clear call-to-action.

All I can say to this site is...Help!!!

cluttered web page

2.Unwieldy Navigation

When you visit a website, it’s always for a specific purpose, and the visitors to your site feel the same way. Make their journey easier for them and more fruitful for you by implementing as basic a navigation structure as possible.

The people that click through to your website will be rewarded with finding what they want quickly, and you’ll be rewarded with bringing them one step closer to converting because of it.

If more navigation is need outside of the basic structure, add sublevels only on the pages that need them. Don’t add all the sublevels to the main navigation and you’ll create a user interface that will be a breeze to interact with.


Have you ever clicked on an interesting link only for cheesy music to pour out of your speakers into a quiet office or assault your eardrums through the earbuds you accidently left on full volume?

As you make a panicked search for the the mute button, remember that music doesn’t have a place on your company website. (Unless your business is music related, in which case you can include files that people can choose to listen to of their own volition.) It mostly distracts, annoys, and makes an unprofessional impression.

In a bid to end it, oftentimes users will click away and cost you a chance at making a positive impression and earning a conversion.

4.Walls of Text

How do you feel when you look at this picture?

wall of unredable text

It seems endless, doesn’t it? It’s hard to see how you could ever find the information you need in that endless sea of script. The concept is exactly the same for pages on your site.

Instead of presenting users with a wall of text, try breaking it up with:

  • Bullet points


    Add images

This makes the content easily scannable and much more comfortable to look at for your website visitors.

When visitors come to your site, a clean, consistent design, simple navigation, and easy to read content should culminate in a distraction-free experience that helps them find information and helps you by encouraging them to convert. By avoiding these web design mistakes, your website will become a powerful machine for giving the right impression of your company and bringing in targeted leads.

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