4 Ways to Increase Conversions You Haven't Considered

January 12, 2015 by BizTraffic Team

people talking on phone and working on laptopsAs any marketer or small business owner knows, website traffic is only as good as the customers it eventually brings in. Plainly put, you know you've got to get visitors to convert, and you've already optimized your landing pages, implemented some A/B testing, and made your calls-to-action clear. If you're still looking for ways to really max out your conversion potential, the ideas below should help rev up your numbers.

1. Buy Trust Seals

Prominently displaying trust seals on your website helps users feel more comfortable, and without them, bounce rates could go up and affect your PPC conversion rate. (A Google Trusted Store certification displayed on your PPC ads can increase user confidence though.) It's also proven that SSL certificates influence site trust, which plays a role in the Google algorithm for SEO.  

2. Design With Pastel Colors

If you've already chosen the colors that signify your brand, this might not be the best tip for you. But if you're just starting out and aren't sure what colors you'll go with, consider the mild-mannered palette of colors known as pastels. These gentle shades are shown to be more neutral, calming, and reassuring to your customers, and they’re expected to be on trend during the coming year, too.

3. Shorten Your Forms

Take a look at the forms on your website and reacquaint yourself with how many fields they have. We know that forms are supposed to be short, but how short has always been a question. The real trick here is to only ask for the information that you strictly need. If it doesn't matter that your customers have a username other than their first name or email, get rid of it. A space asking a user if they prefer the title Mr., Mrs., or Ms. doesn't often matter either.

This example is about right. They’re still collecting some info, but it’s easy to breeze through.


4. Write Conversationally

This is one point that’s a personal pet peeve. I never understand why websites will feature explanations of what they do--or their calls-to-action, heaven forbid--in such complicated terms. Anyone that’s possibly interested in buying your products or services who reads this type of copy is going to leave your website not knowing what it is you do, which turns one big no-no into two. So when you’re writing the copy for your landing pages write it down like you were writing it to a friend. Then read it out loud so you can hear if it makes sense. It might even help to get someone to hear it.

Your website is simply a tool that’s designed to work for you by bringing in qualified leads. The everyday advice you hear about how to increase conversions is still relevant, but making some smaller changes can make the most of the traffic you’re getting. Above all, keep experimenting. Try out these ideas and the results will be huge compared to the tiny tweaks you make now.

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