4 Warning Signs of a Bad Online Marketing Company

December 22, 2014 by BizTraffic Team

Warning signs of bad online marketing companyWith the ever changing online world, it can be hard to find an online marketing company with experience and the right tactics to make your website and brand reach its full potential. But there is nothing that can hurt your online image more than choosing the wrong company.

To avoid making a bad decision, here are the warning signs of a bad online marketing company that should send you running the opposite direction.

1. No References or Data

Okay, we get it. Some companies don't want all their analytics and private information thrown around for the world to see. But if this digital marketing company is truly doing quality work, they can at least show some results of what they have achieved for other companies. And if they're really doing a bang-up job, you'll hopefully be hearing about them from a past or present client who has witnessed results and interacted with that company frequently in a positive manner. 

If, on the other hand this company is coming to you, and being overly aggresive in offering their services without giving you any information on their client list or the list seems a bit too good to be true, this is definitely a major warning sign! 

2. Little to No Focus on User Experience

This is one of the biggest mistakes in digital marketing, specifically when it comes to SEO. When a company becomes so focused on search engine robots that the actual users become forgotten, then you have a problem. 

Any good marketing company knows that everything you do on a website should be for the human user. Pleasing search engines does not make for a quality site, in fact those search engines will catch on to the fact that users don't like the website and you will most likely see a drop in rankings. There's only so long you can avoid the system. 

3. Lack of Transparency

It is important that you ask questions of any vendor you are considering hiring. And if that vendor is unable to answer your questions, and seems to have no interest in explaining what it is they do, you're probably better off just doing it yourself!

Transparency is key to making this relationship work. Often times marketing companies don't wish to "tell you their secrets" but really that just displays a lack of honesty in what it is they are doing with your website and your brand. 

Instead, look for a company who is willing to share their expertise with you and have a desire for you to succeed. The ideal company will know that they are just an extension of your business and will do everything in their power to represent your brand well and keep you informed. 

4. Guaranteed Results

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Guaranteed results like a number 1 spot on Google ranking or over 5,000 followers on Twitter in just 2 days are rediculous, and are not going to ultimately help your brand. Google is constantly coming up with new algorithims to catch dishonest tactics online, so in the long run it is better for everyone involved if your company stays above board and does things the right way. And a social media following that has been paid for is not one you want. It is better to have quality than quantity. 

Choosing an online marketing company can seem overwhelming, but by paying attention to the warning signs you should have no trouble finding the perfect company to help promote your buisness. Looking for quality referals and finding a company that represents themselves well online are some good places to start. 

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