3 Ways to Use Emotional Marketing

November 27, 2013 by BizTraffic Team

Happy customer emotionally marketingCan you put a statistical number on the emotional quotient of a customer’s purchasing decisions?

In a recent Forrester study, the researchers tried by examining the “rational, subconscious, and emotional elements of an experience.” Whatever the research, the bottom line remained the same: Happy customers are not only more likely to try new products and services, but also are more apt to spread the good news about their purchases.

So how can you tap into that sweet emotion?

Here are three ways to use emotional marketing to reach your customers:

1. It’s the Holidays!

If you’re a retailer, put shoppers in the holiday spirit by playing fun music, setting out snacks and drinks, offering some freebies and providing personalized service. Also, make sure you have enough staff customers aren’t waiting in long lines. 

And if your solely an e-commerce business, make sure your website is up-to-date with the time of year!

2. Be a Problem Solver

Customers will feel emotions like gratitude and relief if your business is there to remedy a stressful situation. Market your business as a place your customer can turn to for a last-minute gift or an urgently needed service. If you come to the rescue even one time you can bet that customer will reach out to you again (and tell all his or her friends about you, too).

3. Have you got personality?

Have you given your business a brand image customers can fall in love with? Research has revealed that consumers perceive the same type of characteristics in brands as they do in people and, as with people, they are more attracted to certain personality types than others. You portray your brand by the packaging, visual imagery, and types of words you use in your marketing.


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