Black & White: The Do’s And (Shady) Don’ts of Local SEO

May 25, 2017 by BizTraffic Team

While it may not always be at the top of your to-do list, search engine optimization is a task that will need your attention from time to time to boost the success of your website. But what is the best way to go about doing SEO?

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Whose Line Is It Anyway? Call Tracking Demystified

March 14, 2017 by BizTraffic Team

Have you ever made a phone call to a business that began with a pleasant recorded voice telling you that "this call may be recorded?" Whether you're a seasoned search engine optimization (SEO) veteran or just getting started, you've probably encountered call tracking technology more times than you can count.

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The Impact of Inbound Marketing on SEO

February 02, 2017 by BizTraffic Team

Search engine optimization (SEO) is almost a dirty word in today's online marketing environment. SEO is associated with techniques used to optimize a business' website for ideal performance on search engines. These actions traditionally include keyword optimizationbuilding links and traffic referrals (from links with high domain authority). What's missing from all of those SEO techniques? The customer!

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What is Inbound Sales?

November 01, 2016 by BizTraffic Team

When you think about traditional sales, your mind may immediately jump to an image of the door-to-door salesman. He makes his way from house to house, intruding on your property and hoping to find a perspective buyer behind a few of those doors. Or possibly you think of the cold caller who interrupts your family dinner or business meeting to pitch the wonders of their product to you without any regard of your actual interest in whatever it is they have to sell. 

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A Guide to Creating an Inbound Marketing Campaign From Scratch

August 22, 2016 by BizTraffic Team

If you haven't created in inbound marketing campaign, it is time to get comfortable with it. And even if you have, having a quick, simple guide can make it easier to create campaigns with more frequency and less stress. 

The reason?

Inbound is a powerful marketing method that you want to be sure your business is taking full advantage of. Don't believe me? Check out the stats:

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Understanding the Basics of Inbound Marketing [Infographic]

May 11, 2016 by BizTraffic Team

According to Hubspot’s 7th Annual Report on Inbound Marketing and Selling, companies are 3 times as likely to see higher ROI through inbound marketing than outbound marketing. This drastic increase has lead more people to want to get involved in the world of inbound marketing. But what exactly IS inbound marketing?

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How Do You Build a Better Buyer Persona? Research!

April 06, 2015 by BizTraffic Team

If you’re in the marketing space at all, you know about buyer personas. But in case you’re someone from outside the industry looking to do your own marketing, they’re these handy ideas about...well, maybe I should let Hubspot explain this one.

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